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Prestige Network notches up another first as it translates national financial newspaper supplement into Polish

7 December 2007

The Financial Mail on Sunday has become what is believed to be the first national newspaper in the UK to provide a supplement in Polish - and it's all down to Berkshire-based language services specialist Prestige Network!

Lisa Buckingham, editor of the Financial Mail on Sunday, thought of the idea for the Polish supplement after hearing on the radio about the growing number of Polish people living and working in the UK and approached Prestige Network. She said: "We wanted to do something to engage with a large part of our readership. This was a very exciting project on which we've had some very positive feedback. We are hoping to do more in the near future."

Prestige Network's expertise has enabled the paper, which has a circulation of more than two million, to publish a special report on 'Poles in Britain', highlighting the financial aspect of the 10,000 Poles a month who are said to be heading for the UK.

The innovative collaboration meant that the entire 6,000 words were translated in a matter of days. And now Prestige Network has its sights set on targeting the broadcasting sector - doing Polish voiceovers for television companies.

The Polish translation of the supplement was made available on the Financial Mail on Sunday's website at and also appeared subsequently in print in the Polish Express.

Publication of the supplement was followed by an online forum on the subject on the Financial Mail on Sunday website, which was also translated into Polish for the website by Prestige Network.

Anthony Prior, National Account Executive at Prestige Network, said: "We were responsible for translating the first regional newspaper (the Reading Chronicle) into a Polish edition in 2006 and now we have been responsible for translating the first national newspaper into Polish too. Our experience of translating the Reading Chronicle was a big help in terms of securing the Financial Mail on Sunday business. We felt hugely privileged to be approached.

"This kind of innovation - the first national newspaper - is a great way of engaging people from other cultures, enabling them to integrate into the local communities and not to feel disenfranchised. Cultural and language divisions in communities can be a big problem, so it was satisfying to be involved in this project.

"We hope that the success of this pilot project will lead to the Financial Mail on Sunday developing a dedicated Polish supplement or maybe producing a supplement in some of the other key languages."

Anthony added: "We want this latest piece of work to act as a springboard for future work of Polish voiceovers in the broadcasting sector. We launched a campaign this summer to target newspapers up and down the country to encourage them to produce non-English language editions - and clearly we are seeing the fruits of our labours. Now we've got our sights set on the broadcast world - we've already done a Russian voiceover for a production by BBC Wales, so why not Polish?"

Prestige Network is making quite a name for itself in terms of its Polish Language Services. Not only has it translated the first regional and national newspapers into Polish, but earlier this year it launched a dedicated website for Polish Language Services. The website caters for the needs of public sector organisations and businesses which interact with Polish-speaking people and was launched because of the UK's growing Polish population.

Prestige Network has seen its Polish work grow three-fold in the past year. This growth was recognised by providing the dedicated website devoted to these customers' needs. It was the first time that the company has developed a website targeted at a specific language sector.

The new website consolidates all services provided by Prestige Network, with a Polish customer in mind. These include: English to Polish Translation, Polish to English Translation, Polish Website Localisation, Publishing in Polish and Telephone Interpreting in Polish, as well as other services besides. It will provide a unique, one-point of reference for requirements of those needing Polish language services.


Note to editors:

  • Formed in 1991, Prestige Network is a special language services provider based in Thatcham, Berkshire.
  • The company currently employs 20 people in its head office at the Thatcham site, with around 4,000 language specialists across the UK. It also has offices in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.
  • Prestige Network can cater for all language and communications needs in the public sector, including central and local government departments, the NHS, charities, the police and other public organisations.
  • They can provide services in language translation, face-to-face and telephone interpreting, multilingual publishing, voice recording, Braille, British Sign Language, language and cultural consultancy, language teaching.
  • Our new dedicated Polish websites can be found at: and
  • Prestige Network also helped the Reading Chronicle launch the UK's first Polish edition newspaper in October 2006 to support the city's increasing Polish population.

For more information, contact Susan Tolman (PR Executive) at Prestige Network on 0870 770 5260 or Shawn Khorassani (Business Development Director).

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