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Charity Case Studies - 'Age Concern' & 'Refugee Arrivals Project'

14 March 2007

Client Age Concern
Sector Charity
Project Video Production Project with Age Concern

Last year, when Age Concern decided that they wanted to make one of their educational DVDs more accessible to those who do not speak English as their first language, they approached Prestige Network, to see how easy it would be to do.

They had no idea that we would not only be able to translate the script into Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu, but also employ suitable-sounding voice over artists, dub all the speech, and complete almost all of the video production, all under one roof! By the time it got to the production company, there was almost no editing left for them to do—which needless to say, they were very pleased about!

Salome Wagh, who managed the project at the time said: “The finished product looked fantastic and very professional, it was exciting to take on such a challenge.” Salome was invited to attend the DVD launch (along with various local MPs!) and was made to feel very proud of what had been achieved.


Client Refugee Arrivals Project
Sector Charity
Project Multilingual Publishing for Refugee Arrivals Project

Last summer, Prestige Network undertook a project from Refugee Arrivals for multilingual publishing. This service provides what we like to call a “One-Stop-Shop” for publishing documents in other languages. We translated their leaflet into Pashto, Somali, Urdu, Lingala, Amharic, Tigrinya, Kurdish, and Mandarin, then had it proofread, to eliminate any errors. We then had it formatted, meaning it mirrored the English versions as nearly as possible. Within 15 days, it was returned, ready for publishing.


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