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Prestige Network announces new website dedicated to the legal profession

25 January 2010

  Operations Manager Meryem Munro talks to a member of Prestige Network’s legal team
Operations Manager Meryem Munro talks to a member of Prestige Network’s legal team

Language services company Prestige Network has launched a bespoke website dedicated to the legal profession -

Language services for the legal profession is a growing market, with more and more clients having bespoke requirements and with those client’s needs frequently being complex and sensitive.

Salome Wagh, Prestige Network’s sales manager, said: "We currently work with over 300 solicitors up and down the country, as well as other areas of the legal profession, and we knew that the diverse nature of the legal profession presents discrete needs, calling for very different language-related skills.

"We decided to create a dedicated website, devoted just to the language services available to the legal profession and their possible applications. The site has been designed with ‘service finder’ and ‘quote enquiry/quote request’ facilities built into the site to make it as user-friendly as possible. It recognises and delivers the legal profession’s requirements, although we can of course customise individual requirements further."

Prestige Network has nearly 20 years’ experience working alongside solicitors, courts, the police and government bodies throughout the UK and has established a reputation for providing factual, faultless and fast translation and interpreting work to the highest possible standards.

Salome Wagh, Prestige Network’s sales manager, said: "Different skills are employed in the translation of a legal document to those used in supporting an international arbitration case and we ensure that translators and interpreters are handpicked to suit specific tasks.

"Our approach recognises that it is important to have access to the right person for each task, taking into account the complex and sensitive nature of each specific job. We believe that extensive knowledge and experience teamed with accredited standards of professionalism and quality control put Prestige Network’s language services to the legal profession in a league of their own."

More details about Prestige Network's legal service is on or a dedicated legal services line on 01635 292 784.


Note to editors:

  • Company overview: +20 staff, +5,000 linguists, +1,000 clients.
  • Formed in 1991, Prestige Network is a special language services provider based in Thatcham, Berkshire.
  • Prestige Network provides a full UK wide service in all languages.
  • It can cater for all language and communications needs in the public sector, including central and local government departments, the NHS, charities, the police and other public organisations.
  • Prestige Network was recognised in the Thames Valley Small Business Award 2009.

For more information, contact Susan Tolman (PR Consultant) at Prestige Network on 01635 866888.