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Prestige Network helps Home Office provide a warm welcome

14 August 2006

Leading language service provider, Prestige Network, has helped the Home Office give a warm welcome to new arrivals into the UK.

Prestige was commissioned by the Home Office to oversee the translation of a new document ‘Living and Working in Britain’ into 17 different languages; Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, French, Hindi, Ibo, Kurdish Sorani, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu. The project required a holistic approach to the translation of not only the words and their meaning, but also the tone and style of the document, and with 15 years experience, Prestige was well-placed to deliver this.

“Ensuring that clients are made aware of the particular issues surrounding the translation of a document is key to our projects”, said Anthony Fleming, Prestige Network’s Director of Operations. “We do this through a detailed consultancy process, which continues throughout the project.”

The original English-version of the document, which is currently in production, was written in a semi-formal style, intended to provide friendly and accessible advice on a range of issues, from buying a home to driving in the UK. It was imperative to maintain this style across the translation process in order for the document to be as effective and helpful as possible.

Prestige provided the expert translation service to achieve this goal, and was also able to find solutions to the challenges that the translation of this document presented in terms of maintaining a consistent layout and look.

Translation into some languages produced a substantially longer document, whilst the nature of some languages required a completely different format for the text on the page. For the Arabic language, Prestige had to ensure that the piece still had the same flow and work well within the ‘mirrored’ format.

With the expert advice and guidance of Prestige, this was accomplished, whilst still ensuring that all Home Office corporate guidelines were adhered to.

Once the initial consultation had been completed, the team at Prestige worked through the project, making sure that their stringent quality control procedures were implemented at every stage. After each document had been translated, it was then formatted and designed, proofing by several parties taking place at each step.

Anthony commented: “We were delighted to be involved in such an important project that would benefit so many people. The Home Office had created a guide that would provide a warm introduction to people entering the UK, full of handy hints and tips on everyday things.

“We knew that we could utilise our expertise to bring this document to life in a number of languages and we are extremely proud of the documents that we have produced.

“From the outset we identified that this project was not just about translating individual words and phrases. Through our consultancy process, we were able to identify potential issues before the project got underway to avoid delays.

“Our in house design team can advise as to where there may be too much text in a certain language and we can overcome any difficulties. Marrying linguistic and technological expertise we can deliver a finished product that is of the highest standard every time and we were extremely pleased with the document that we have created for the Home Office.”

Prestige Network can deliver projects like this in a range of formats. Documents can be sent to clients as PDF or Quark files, in high or low resolution formats, for publishing on the web.


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Notes to Editors:
Formed in 1991 Prestige Network is a specialist language services provider, based in Thatcham, UK.
The company currently employs 15 people at its head office in the Thatcham site, with around 3, 000 language specialists across the UK with offices in London and Edinburgh
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