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Prestige Network presents a great case for the defence…and the prosecution

1 August 2006

Language service provider, Prestige Network, is fast becoming the company of choice for the legal profession for the provision of expert interpreting and translation.

The company’s vast pool of resources includes a large number of professionals who are conversant not only in the translation of legal terminology but also the workings of the justice system. This allows Prestige to provide language services to the legal profession at extremely short notice and this has led to some rather interesting situations.

On one occasion, Prestige was called in to provide last minute translation services for a court hearing when it was discovered that only one interpreter was available at that time for both the prosecution and the defence. Prestige stepped in to alleviate this conflict and was able to supply two specialist interpreters to allow the case to go ahead without delay.

This need to provide reliable and professional services, to any time frame, was identified by Prestige as a gap in the industry which they are well placed to fill and the company is continually working to develop the range of services that it can provide to the legal profession.

Prestige can not only provide interpreters for trials depositions and questioning but also a legal document translation service. Prestige is experienced in providing language services for every legal sector, working with litigation attorneys and solicitors at court hearings, patent hearings, personal injury claims, matrimonial arbitration and cases of fraud. The company can also provide vital resources to assist with immigration issues and witness care.

Anthony Fleming, Prestige Network’s Director of Operations, commented: “As a leading language service provider to a range of Public Sector organisations, we have always seen the provision of our services to the legal profession as a very important part of what we do.

“We have hand picked translators and interpreters specifically for their proficiency and experience in working within the legal sector so that our clients can have complete confidence in every service that we provide to them. Our legal language team prides itself on its in-depth knowledge of the needs of its sector and can provide the right person to suit specific tasks.

“For example, they know that different skill will be employed in the translation of a legal document to those used in supporting an international arbitration case and we know that we have access to the right person for each job. Our face to face and telephone interpreters all know that they may be called upon to speak to people at difficult stages in their life, facing situations that are alien to them, and they know that a sensitive approach can make a world of difference.

“Our legal team is currently developing a specific area of our website which legal professionals will able to use as their first point of contact when seeking out language services. This will provide easy access to our entire range of services at the click of a mouse, making it easier than ever before to get the expert help and support that we can provide to legal organisations across the country.”


For further information please contact:
Hayley Overfield at TAS Communications
Telephone: +44(0)1482 867867

Notes to Editors:
Formed in 1991 Prestige Network is a specialist language services provider, based in Thatcham, UK.
The company currently employs 15 people at its head office in the Thatcham site, with around 3, 000 language specialists across the UK with offices in London and Edinburgh
Prestige Network can cater for all language and communications needs in the public sector including central and local government departments, the NHS, charities, the police and other public organisations
They can provide services in language translation, face to face and telephone interpreting, multilingual publishing, voice recording, Braille, British Sign Language, language and cultural consultancy, language teaching, multilingual copywriting and website localisation.