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Prestige Network supports review of language services in the Public Sector

14 December 2006

Following comments made by the Government’s Communities Secretary, Ruth Kelly MP, regarding the issues surrounding social cohesion and translation services provided to minority ethnic groups, Prestige Network, one of the UK’s leading providers of language services to the Public Sector, has said it supports a detailed and informed review of how translation services are delivered across the Public Sector.

Anthony Fleming, Prestige Network’s Director of Operations, commented: “We have vast experience of working with Public Sector organisations and are often called upon for advice as to how we can help make communication with speakers of other languages more efficient. We sometimes find that language services are not always as high on the list on priorities as they could be and this can lead to an ineffective use of translation services.

“In this regard, we strongly support a review of language services across the Public Sector so that the provision of translation and interpreters can be planned well ahead. With that said, we would want to ensure that vulnerable groups did not suffer any negative effects from the removal of translation services where this is not appropriate. There are situations in which expert translators are necessary to ensure that people in emotional or difficult circumstances are given a voice.

“We wholeheartedly support the commitment of resources to encourage residents of the UK that are speakers of other languages to learn English but new residents should not be discouraged from participating in their community because vital language services are not available to them. There needs to be a balanced approach to this subject to ensure that the value of a cohesive community is not lost in translation.”

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Notes to Editors:
Formed in 1991 Prestige Network is a specialist language services provider, based in Thatcham, UK.

The company currently employs 15 people at its head office in the Thatcham site, with around 3,000 language specialists across the UK with offices in London and Edinburgh

Prestige Network can cater for all language and communications needs in the public sector including central and local government departments, the NHS, charities, the police and other public organisations

They can provide services in language translation, face to face and telephone interpreting, multilingual publishing, voice recording, Braille, British Sign Language, language and cultural consultancy, language teaching, multilingual copywriting and website localisation.