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Prestige Announces 40% Growth for 2007/08 Financial Year

10 June 2008

Language Services 40 percent growth
Prestige Network Sales & Business Development Director Shawn Khorasanni

Language services provider Prestige Network have reported record growth for the financial year to March 2008.

The company has been growing steadily since its establishment nearly 17 years ago, but 2007/08 represented a landmark period in the company's history.

One of the big factors for this success has been the company's drive towards awareness in relation to language services. Prestige have actively encouraged organisations to be objective regarding the foreign language services they currently offer. By identifying potential obstacles that may restrict access to foreign nationals, many public and commercial organisations have begun to see the benefits in providing information media for non-English speaking audiences.

Another reason for this leap in annual growth can be attributed to the increased demand for language services in general. It has been widely acknowledged that this increase is symptomatic of the need to meet with the country's continually expanding and diversifying language base.

Prestige Network can be contacted on 0870 770 5260