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Translation Services Explained to TUC

29 May 2008

The Trade Union Congress (TUC), who are the regulatory body for all Trade Unions in the United Kingdom, invited Language Specialists Prestige Network to give a presentation on Translation Services at their headquarters in London. The presentation was attended by 10 of its members, including individuals representing one of the largest trade unions in the country, the USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers).

The presentation was given by Ms Salome Wagh, Account Manager, and was aimed to educate organisations on what to consider when engaging the services of a translation company. Members of the TUC were encouraged to think about questions such as: who their target audience are, what format to translate their material was in, what budget they needed to work to and how quick a turnaround they expected.

The presentation was greeted enthusiastically, with one member commenting "I think it worked really well and you did a great job. (One colleague) said he thought it was one of the most interesting sessions we have run."

Within 24 hours of giving the presentation, a member of the USDAW had contacted Prestige Network to enquire, in more detail, about our services and costs.