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Sustainable Development (Environmental) Policy Statement

Prestige Network

Prestige Network is fully committed to the care of environment for the future generations.

1) This statement applies to all land, premises and activities within the control of the Company. The Company is making detailed arrangements for the implementation of this policy. The main Quality document for the company, QSPN, also stipulates an environmental policy.

2) The Company is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimising the environmental impacts of the risks arising from its activities.

3) The Company will manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible and provide appropriate environmental education programmes for its staff and freelancers/contractors.

4) In order to achieve this aim the Company has the following key objectives:

  • to promote sound environmental management policies and practices throughout the Company;
  • as a minimum, to comply with the requirements of relevant legislation;
  • to make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water;
  • to promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services;
  • to minimise waste production as far as is practicable, to reuse or recycle waste where appropriate and to regulate the treatment and disposal of residual waste;
  • to reduce and, where practicable, prevent pollution;
  • to minimise the impact of transport on the environment arising from its own vehicles and those used by staff and contractors
  • to minimise any adverse environmental impact of any new Company development;
  • to maintain the Company's premises in an environmentally sensitive way;
  • to minimise the adverse environmental impact of the decommissioning and disposal of Company assets;
  • to communicate within the Company and to the outside community the Company's environmental performance;
  • to raise awareness of staff and contractors of the Company's environmental impact, activities and performance and to promote individual good practice.

5) The main responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the Company’s environmental officer.
The Heads of department are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Company Environment Policy within their area of control.

6) The Company will actively monitor its performance in the implementation of the key objectives of this Policy in the activities under its control.

7) Whilst the Company accepts the main responsibility for implementation of this policy, individuals have a very important role in co-operating with those responsible for safeguarding the environment. Individuals are required to abide by rules and requirements made under the authority of this policy.

8) The Company will follow the guide lines and advice from the Environment Agency.

9) The environment will be greatly valued and cared for by all staff in relation to their work. Environmental responsibilities will be taken seriously by all subcontractors to the company.