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Equal Opportunities Policy

Prestige Network

Prestige Network believes and asserts that all persons have the right to be treated with equal dignity, consideration, respect and without prejudice. They must be given equal access to all our services without regard to race, colour, nationality, culture, language, belief, creed and ethnicity. We believe that each of us is equal and different.

Prestige Network aims to be an equal opportunity employer and discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, nationality or faith in the course of our work will be opposed wherever evident. The company will not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour by our employees or by those using our services. We at Prestige Network believe that every person can benefit from the diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and language environment.

Further, Prestige Network will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of any employee’s actual or perceived health condition, status or disability.

This policy covers all aspects of employment, from vacancy advertising, selection recruitment and training to conditions of service to personnel records.

To ensure that this policy is operating effectively, Prestige Network maintains records of employees' and applicants' racial origins, gender and disability.

Ongoing monitoring and regular analysis of such records provide the basis for appropriate action to eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

Vacancy advertising
Wherever possible, all vacancies will be advertised simultaneously internally and externally. Steps will be taken to ensure that knowledge of vacancies reaches under-represented groups internally and externally. Wherever possible, vacancies will be notified to job centres, careers offices, schools, colleges, universities, etc, with significant minority group rolls, as well as to minority press/media and organisations.

All vacancy advertisements will include an appropriate short statement on equal opportunity.

.Selection and recruitment
Selection criteria (job description and employee specification) will be kept under constant review to ensure that they are justifiable on non-discriminatory grounds as being essential for the effective performance of the job.

Wherever possible, more than one person must be involved in the selection interview and recruitment process, and all should have received training in equal opportunities.

Wherever possible, women, minorities and disabled persons will be involved in the short listing and interviewing processes. Reasons for selection and rejection of applicants for vacancies must be recorded.

Positive action - training, promotion and conditions of service
Under-represented groups will be encouraged to apply for training and employment opportunities with the company.

Wherever possible, special training will be provided for such groups to prepare them to compete on genuinely equal terms for jobs and promotion. However, actual recruitment to all jobs will be strictly on merit. Wherever necessary, use will be made of lawful exemptions to recruit suitably qualified people to cater for the special needs of particular groups.

Wherever possible, efforts will be made to identify and remove unnecessary/ unjustifiable barriers and provide appropriate facilities and conditions of service to meet the special needs of disadvantaged and/or underrepresented groups.

Opportunities for promotion and training are made known to all staff and are available on a fair and equal basis.

No harassment and bullying will be tolerated and each employee should report any occurrences to his/her line manager.

Each report of harassment and bullying will be properly investigated and necessary measures will be taken.

Prestige Network has adopted procedures for handling discipline and grievance that apply to all staff.

Every effort is made to apply disciplinary actions fairly and consistently regardless of race, sex or disability.

Prestige Network has adopted a flexible approach to working arrangements offering flexible hours or time off for family or religious needs, and accommodating religious or cultural dress codes.

Maternity Law
When an employee becomes pregnant, Prestige Network allows her to take paid time off for antenatal care. The company provides additional health and safety protection for an expectant mother and for her unborn child. Prestige Network allows her to return to her job after a period of maternity leave.

Equal Pay
Prestige Network strives to ensure that women and men employees are receiving equal pay if they are employed to do work which is similar; rated as equivalent, through job evaluation and is of equal value in the demands made of them.

Personnel records
In order to ensure the effective operation of the equal opportunity policy (and for no other purpose) a record will be kept of all employees' and job applicants' gender, racial origins and disability.

Records are also kept on sick leave/absences and reasons, discipline/grievances, hours that staff work, rates of pay and training received.

Where necessary, employees will be able to check/correct their own record of these details. Otherwise, access to this information will be strictly restricted and kept as confidential.

Such records will be analysed regularly and appropriate follow-up action taken.

Prestige Network will disseminate its Equal Opportunities Policy company-wide.

The belief of all people being equal is also reflected in our company’s motto:

”The Earth is but One Country and Mankind its Citizens.”