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Supporting Charities

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Some Of Our Clients In The Charity Sector:

  • Oxfam
  • Barnardo's
  • Amnesty International
  • Age Concern
  • YMCA
  • International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • National Cancer Alliance
  • Shaw Trust

Prestige Network: Working with Charities

Working with charities often requires a great deal of flexibility, sensitivity and confidentiality. Prestige Network regularly works with a wide range of clients in the public sector and is able to quickly and effectively meet the needs our clients and their clients without compromising the quality of service that we offer. Our translators and interpreters are experts in the sector they work in and are equipped to deal sensitively and efficiently with your clients. Our work is 100% confidential and we are able to provide interpreters anywhere in the UK and at any time.

Why Prestige Network?

Communicating your message to people of all nations in a language they understand is vital to any organization that has global connections. Free website translators cannot guarantee accuracy and the results are not a substitute for translations carried out by a professional linguist.

Document Translations must be accurate and interpretations must reflect the tone and nuances of the language. At Prestige Network we employ over 3500 fully qualified and experienced interpreters and translators who will convey your message accurately and efficiently.

Awarded many key tenders in the public sector reflects our commitment to deliver the best service possible for our customers. One phone number accesses all of our services (01635 866888) - so no worries and hassles for your staff.

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Prestige Network offers a whole range of services from simultaneous interpretation to web localization with access to more than 200 languages.

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