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"Thanks very much for your quick response - we are all very pleased with the service you have provided and the way they have turned out - they look great. Thanks again for your work on the project"
Loughborough Immigration Appellate Authority

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Prestige Network is the preferred language provider for many Government agencies and is currently working with the following departments and organisations throughout the UK:

  • Home Office
  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • London Underground
  • Job Centres (JCP)
  • Identities and Passport Services (IPS)
  • London Criminal Justice Board
  • Greater London Authority
  • DVLA
  • Transport for London
  • London Fire Brigade

Prestige has over 16 years experience of providing language services including written translation, face-to-face interpreting and sign language to the Public Sector. Our highly trained staff understand the specific requirements of the government especially the need for confidentiality and professionalism. In fact one recently won government contract for both face to face interpreting and sign language (BSL) to over 69 offices requires all interpreters to be security checked by the Home Office - this is in addition to the high standards expected by Prestige for its linguists including CRB clearance.

The professionalism and flexibility of Prestige in providing a wide range of services makes it an idea choice for all Government and other Public Sector organisations. The high quality of services and the fact that the position of Prestige is unique in being able to supply the very best legal translators and legal interpreters in languages such as Polish, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Arabic, Kurdish and European languages like Portuguese enhances the services provided by the investigation departments within the Job Centres. Currently (April 2007) Prestige is supporting the work of approximately 150 Job Centres Nation-wide and helping them to achieve their key objectives.

Ms Salome Wagh, Operations Manager for Prestige Network, commented: "With the new Government Department (IPS) and the Job Centres around the UK and Prestige Network working together, it ensures that we make all our services accessible to the 69 IPS offices and the hundreds of Job Centres throughout the UK. This is a good opportunity for us to clearly demonstrate our ability to deliver language services nationwide. It is my responsibility and my passion as the Operations Manager of Prestige to ensure that these services are provided into every locality in the UK!"

Call just one phone number now to make an enquiry or to access all of our services and be greeted, not by an automated phone service, but by a friendly and helpful member of Prestige Network - your One-Stop Language Provider: 01635 886888

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