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More and more people are travelling to exotic locations and tourism and leisure travelling  is burgeoning on a global scale. Tourism advertising and information material needs to attract the reader’s attention and make them interested in buying the holiday package. The language used in tourism texts is frequently informal and catchy. While this generally means less technical terms than in other types of translation, the type of expression does have to be just right in the target language. Also, certain expressions can have a different meaning and taking the country specific cultural aspect into account is very important to give the right message to the target audience. Some examples of work we have done in the past include public announcements in aircrafts, city sightseeing information, museum guides and health and safety related information for tourists.

At Prestige Network, we use translators who are highly experienced in marketing related translations and have adequate cultural understanding to adapt the translated text to be effective in the target country language, whether it is Polish, Chinese or Japanese.

We have a strict confidentiality policy and all documents handled are kept under strict privacy guidelines.

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