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Our services:

  • - Translation
  • - Face-to-face interpreting
  • - Telephone interpreting
  • - Multilingual publishing
  • - Multilingual websites - Webtran
  • - British sign language
  • - Printing
  • - Voice recording
  • - Braille
  • - Language consultancy
  • - Cultural consultancy
  • - Language training
  • - Language teaching
  • - Website localisation
  • - Simultaneous Interpreting
  • - Multilingual Copywriting
  • - Conference Interpreting

Arabic Translation

Communication in any language

Prestige Network’s Arabic Language Services are exemplary in that we not only translate between Arabic and English but into over hundred and 170 other languages. We also have the ability to deliver the translation voice recorded, printed, published format or electronically. We are proud of our desk top publishing teams, as they can take an assignment from paper copy or electronic and translate the document than format it and publish any volume of printed material ready for distribution.

Prestige Network is the market leader amongst today’s translation companies in the UK. Our name is well recognised throughout the language industry. Every one of our translation projects are handled by the most qualified translator(s) for the required project. Translations are checked and verified by one of our professional linguists and then double checked by an experienced Project Manager to ensure the highest of quality - every time!

This company works only with the most qualified Arabic translators who understand the nature of local communities, Police, NHS, the work of the Government, and the operations of local authorities and charities etc. They are exceptional linguists with an expert understanding of the languages they translate to and from and are always able to express accurately the meaning of the text they are translating.

Knowing about cultural dissimilarities and language barriers, translation is sensitively adjusted for the target language of particular ethnic groups. So for all of your language needs and queries, come to Prestige Network for anything from Arabic translation to audio recording and voiceovers.

Prestige has an extensive database of over 3 ½ thousand linguists including specialist Arabic Interpreters across the UK. Although Arabic translation is not an exact science, Prestige will always find the best match of linguistic skills to meet your specific requirements.

Prestige has mastered the art of Arabic translation and skilled formatting. When you decide to work with our unique company you receive the very highest level of service.

Our Translation Department has broadened its range of services to include the translation and localisation of websites. Your website can now be made multilingual, utilising non-Arabic languages and fonts, therefore greatly improving your accessibility to non-Arabic speakers.

We offer many other different Middle Eastern Languages include: Azari, Yiddish, Yiddish, Turkish, Kurdish, Dari, Gujarat, Pashto, Arabic, Farsi, Badini, Kurmanji, Farsi, Sprain, Kashmiri and Hebrew.