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Chinese face-to-face interpreting

Communication in any language

Prestige Network is a leader amongst today’s language companies and ranks very highly as one of the largest UK-based language providers to the Public Sector. At Prestige our Chinese face-to-face interpreters are very qualified and professional native speaking linguists. We only work with professional Chinese face-to-face interpreters who understand the nature and issues which effect local communities, the work of the government, local councils and authorities, NHS and the private health sector, charities, Legal and the Police, and many, many other organisations. Our linguists are the best available with an expert grasp of Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and English and are able to accurately convey the meaning of the communication between two or more speakers of different language.

Prestige Network will always find the best match of linguistic skills and expertise to meet YOUR specific needs and requirements. We have a huge database of around four thousand linguists including specialist face-to-face Chinese face-to-face interpreters in every subject, e.g., legal, technical, medical, etc., right across the UK.

Prestige’s face-to-face Chinese Interpreting Services (Cantonese & Mandarin) are professional yet friendly, efficient yet easy to use, flexible yet reliable which enables clear communication between English and over 160 other languages. All Prestige Network’s Chinese face-to-face interpreters are professional and experienced, and adhering to a strict code of conduct throughout every assignment.

Due to language and cultural differences between countries, face-to-face interpreters must be able to adapt for the target language, sentence structure, tone and cultural backgrounds. With all this in mind, Prestige provides the best quality language services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experienced, professional Chinese face-to-face interpreters give you the freedom and ability to communicate clearly and comfortably in your own language, with peace of mind that your words are being communicated accurately, and express the relevant tone, phrase and technical jargon associated with your industry or organisation. With your Cantonese or Mandarin speaking face-to-face interpreter, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting techniques are also available for special events.

As an added benefit, our Chinese face-to-face interpreter will advise you on matters relating to particular customs and habits of the target languages, allowing you to adopt the best communication strategy. The face-to-face interpreter will also guide you through procedures involved in the interpreting process – so that all of your projects run well and with you in complete control of all your communications.

Professional help is just a phone call away – call Prestige TODAY on: 01635 877357 or email

Interpreters are available in all areas of the UK including the following:

Kent Barrow-in-Furness Preston Warrington Tiverton Glastonbury Oxford Chesterfield Brentwood Sherborne Runcorn Boston Warwickshire Birmingham Paignton Essex Romford Chelmsford Berkshire Grimsby Lincoln Louth Grantham Taunton Sussex Wycombe Thames Valley Stevenage Bridgwater Kingston-on-Thames Bury St. Edmunds Felixstowe Haverhill Sudbury Lowestoft Ipswich Stafford Harrogate Sutton Poole Cumberland Whitehaven Penrith UK Brampton Carlisle Thatcham Wokingham Thames Valley Windsor Reading York Peterborough Corby Kettering Wellingborough Northumberland Alnwick Morpeth Barnsley Hornsea Wakefield Newton Abbot Bradford Scarborough Driffield Kidderminster Dorchester Halifax Rotherham Worcestershire Sheffield Canterbury Rochester Lancashire Skegness Darlington Crawley Horsham Basingstoke Henley-on-Thames Wandsworth Middlesbrough Hertford Watford St. Albans Hereford Ealing Westminster Yeovil Dudley Keswick Workington Banbury Witney Hunstanton UK Rutland Cottesmore Uppingham Stamford Nottinghamshire Worksop Newark Nottingham Retford Chichester Hastings Brighton Coventry Stoke-on-Trent Cannock Walsall Norfolk Wolverhampton Newquay Wimborne Minster Dereham Northamptonshire Norwich Bournemouth Herefordshire West Ham Gloucestershire Ledbury Leominster Kington Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire Whittlesey Wisbech Cambridge Linton March Chatteris Cornwall Lonsdale Devizes Marlborough Chippenham Trowbridge Worthing Evesham Yorkshire Halesowen Malvern Shropshire Ludlow Shrewsbury Bridgnorth Whitchurch Telford Oswestry Bath Sunderland Durham Gateshead Stockton-on-Tees Bromyard Maidenhead Croydon Wimbledon Guildford Wells Woking City of London Enfield Harrow Ely Doncaster Worcester Suffolk Kirkby Ross-on-Wye Leeds Sheffield Middlesex Staines Weymouth Ambleside Stourbridge Lichfield Cheshire Stockport Birkenhead Wallasey Chester Macclesfield Crewe ENGLAND Manchester Bolton Hatfield Liverpool Yaxley