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  • - Translation
  • - Face-to-face interpreting
  • - Telephone interpreting
  • - Multilingual publishing
  • - Multilingual websites - Webtran
  • - British sign language
  • - Printing
  • - Voice recording
  • - Braille
  • - Language consultancy
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  • - Language training
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  • - Website localisation
  • - Simultaneous Interpreting
  • - Multilingual Copywriting
  • - Conference Interpreting

Czech Translation

Communication in any language

Prestige employs only qualified and experienced translators. We work closely with many commercial clients such us Vodafone and Samsung and right across the UK. Our highly qualified and professional linguists are understanding and appreciate the nature of the local communities. Our Czech translators are the best available with a good knowledge and expert grasp of the languages they translate from and to which provide them with the skills and knowledge to suggest accurately the meaning of the documents being translated.

Prestige is experienced and professional with Czech translation and detailed formatting. By coming to us you receive the very best quality, professionally laid out and formatted translations – every time! All of our Czech projects have been enthusiastically received by our many clients – particular reference is often made to our fast turnaround time, competitive pricing and translation quality. Much of our business comes from repeat order and referrals. For ALL your language queries and needs come to Prestige Network for everything from Czech translation to audio recordings.

Our mature Project Management and Publishing Teams take assignments from paper copy or electronic document, translate the documents, and then format and publish large or small volumes of printed material making them ready for distribution. Our Czech Translation Service of Prestige Network is outstanding in that not only do we translate between Czech and hundred and fifty other languages, but we also have the resources to provide the translation in printed, electronic, voice recorded or published format.

All Prestige translators are well qualified and skilled native speaking professionals. Prestige is a known leader amongst today’s translation companies, particularly in organisations like Health (NHS) and Government but also in Commercial Businesses. All Czech translation projects are handled by very experienced translators and all translations are checked & verified by a qualified translator and then checked again by an experienced in-house Translation Project Manager to ensure the highest of quality – time after time!

Prestige has a large and comprehensive database of over 3000 linguists including specialist Czech Translators and experienced face-to-face Interpreters. Translation is more of an art than a science; however Prestige will always find the best match of linguistic skills and expertise to meet your requirements. Due to the cultural differences and language issues, translation must always be adapted for the target language of particular ethnic groups and countries; the particular tone, sentence structure and cultural backgrounds are very important considerations. With these things clearly in mind, Prestige prides itself in providing the very best quality translations with a record of almost 100% total customer satisfaction.

The services of our translation department now include the design and development, layout & format, and the translation and localisation of websites - and in real text! Your Czech website can now be made multilingual consequently greatly improving your accessibility to non-Czech speakers.

A selection of available languages include: Lithuanian, Romanian, German, Croatian, Slovak, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian and others.