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Case Study  Multilingual Website, Webtran

Client London Criminal Justice Board

Sector Public, Legal

Background July 2005 to October 2005

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Brief To provide a multilingual website to communicate to as broad a sector of the community as possible the LCJB’s role in all issues pertaining to criminal justice.
However the launch of the site was programmed for October 2005 giving a very tight timescale to develop a completely new and complex website in 13 languages.

English Gujarati Somali
Arabic Hindi Turkish
Bengali Mandarin Urdu
Greek Punjabi Vietnamese

Technical State of the Art multilingual site

Background In July 2005 the London Criminal Justice Board contacted Prestige Network following a referral from a Police Authority for whom the company has provided Language Services. They were delighted to have discovered Prestige as they had been searching in vain for a language provider who could supply both the technical and linguistic expertise to fulfil their exact requirements for a multilingual website.  Prestige Network’s ability to provide an extensive range of languages meant that they were able to cater for the community languages of those people that the LCJB were seeking to reach.

Why Prestige? Prestige were selected on the strength of its combined linguistic and technical expertise.  Their strong background in both these elements has led them to becoming the market leader with a reputation for dependability and quality.  In addition Prestige has developed a strong focus on the Public Sector and their specific needs within the language sector.  In contrast to other language service companies Prestige has taken on board the greater challenge of catering for community languages, addressing both the resources and technical issues associated with them, developing a truly unique and superior service.

Webtran Webtran offers the ability to view any part of the website in any of the languages at any time.  The quality and clarity of the text is the same for any language, ensuring readability, as the text is supplied in its native format.  This also allows for any editing requirements.  Webtran makes use of a higher level of code programming – everything on the site including tags can be multilingual, not just the main text.  Webtran can also address issues of cultural sensitivity for images, should this be a requirement.  The flexibility and quality of Webtran was recognised by the LCJB with the added bonus of meeting their stringent costing requirements. In summary what makes Webtran unique is -
  • Multilingual Interlink Paging. The user can switch at any time on the site to any language.
  • Languages Rendered as Text. This includes all the community languages that often are provided as images/PDFs on many websites.
  • Language Coding.  Issues that are at the programming level, such as Image Tags in different languages, are addressed.
  • Cultural Considerations. As part of the Webtran process all sensitive cultural issues are taken into consideration.
  • Web Language Optimisation. This covers a process geared towards ranking the site in the many different search engines and directories world wide.
  • Multilingual Content Management.  The more complex sites can be driven through automated language tools in order to simplify development and maintenance of multilingual sites.
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